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SNACK Spirulina powder

Teeming with antioxidants, brimming with beta-carotene, and rich in iron, calcium, and protein, our farm-fresh Spirulina powder is the ‘superest’ of superfoods! It’s even Vegan and Paleo approved! A nutritionally enriching ingredient for smoothies, cereals, hot and cold drinks, sauces, salads, and more!

6g Protein & 30 Calories per teaspoon serving

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SNACK farm-fresh spirulina powder is:

  • High in plant-based protein and dietary fiber
  • Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and all essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Packed with antioxidants to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation
  • Gut-friendly and easy to digest, leaving you feeling fuller for longer
  • Brimming with beta-carotene, and rich in iron and calcium
  • Vegan and Paleo-approved

The recommended serving is 1 teaspoon 3-5 times per day.



6g Protein & 30 Calories per teaspoon serving

What they're saying

“I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I first saw SNACK because of its green color. But it’s DELICIOUS! The blueberry sweetness makes it feel like a treat and the nutty taste helped me feel full! It’s lean, it’s tasty (and sure it’s GREEN!) but I am hooked…”



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Get SNACK-ing

Try our farm-fresh spirulina powder with this pomegranate and butternut squash salad for a naturally flavorless, plant-based protein boost!

All you need is some butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, feta, your favorite lettuce, and some spices and you have yourself a delicious, and nutritious vegetarian lunch or dinner!

Make the salad

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